Identity proofing: what is it and what is it needed for?

Identity proofing: what is it and what is it needed for?

Security systems have become part of our daily life. To unlock our phone, we use face recognition, and to enter the banking application, we use a fingerprint. Hospitals, financial institutions, our phones – all of them use a recognition system to ensure that you are the owner of the data and that you have the right to access the services.

So what is identity proofing?

It is the process of verifying a person's information that helps verify the identity of this person.

It’s usually used to access systems or certain services. This is convenient – instead of dozens of passwords, you use your biometric data, for example, a face scan. The online recognition system improves security.

Identity verification can take place with the help of:

  • use of information that is available only to its owner, for example, a password, special code, or secret question;
  • documents – passports, certificates, bank cards, and others.
  • biometric data: face, fingerprint, voice recognition.

Using all three aspects at once creates strong protection.

Why is this needed?

For example, you want to access your crypto wallet. To do this, you need to enter your username and password, and a unique code that will be sent to your mail or phone number. If scammers try to log into your account, the system will not allow them, recognizing that the login attempt was not from you.

Due to the lockdown, people could not visit banks to update their data. Therefore, a system was introduced in which this was allowed to be done online through video communication with a bank employee. So, other people will not be able to use your data to conduct financial transactions.

Biometrics cannot be faked, since each person has unique characteristics that you will not find in anyone else. In banking systems, questions are often used for authentication, and only a specific person can know the answers to them. It can be anything – from your beloved pet to the model of your first car, you choose it for yourself.

None of the stated types of identity verification are perfect. For example, voice recognition doesn’t work if you are sick. And in the cold season, it is not always possible to use a fingerprint outside. Therefore, more often than not, several methods are used at once.

Key benefits of personal identification include:

  1. Ability to open a bank account online, create an e-wallet, sign a contract, and much more.
  2. Transparency of online transactions.
  3. Protection from fraudsters who might try to steal your money or data.

The availability of online services makes your life easier, but at the same time opens up many dangers. Therefore, new solutions are being created. To use the digital recognition system, you need a device with a camera and an Internet connection. Modern authentication systems are automated to minimize potential errors.