Why is video identification more secure than face-to-face?

Why is video identification more secure than face-to-face?

The video identification system is one of the ways to verify the identity of the person online through video communication. It was created with the purpose to strengthen the security of users on the Internet.

Usually, it is more credible when the person is present during certain operations. But in modern realities, online verification via video is safer and more reliable.

Previously, if you needed to open a bank account or update your data, your personal presence was required. The employee saw the client, asked questions, checked their documents, and asked for the necessary information.

This can be done online today. The advantage is that any device with Internet access is suitable for identification: a phone, tablet, or laptop. Algorithms for such verification do this in real-time.

Identification by video became relevant during the lockdown period. People needed to use the services of banks and medical institutions, but they did not have the opportunity to come in person. In order not to endanger their health, video calls were introduced, so identities were verified and the necessary services were provided with their help. The same applies to people who, due to distance or physical health, cannot visit the company's office.

Why is video identification considered more reliable than meetings in person?

It's all about security.

The usual privacy tools are not as reliable:

  • passwords can be stolen or picked, it is inconvenient to update them all the time;
  • you will not be able to get a password code if your mobile phone number or mail is blocked or you have lost access to them;
  • biometrics like fingerprints can’t be used in many companies.

During video identification, you show not only your face but also documents that confirm your identity to the camera. All electronic papers from the database are included automatically. The sophistication of technology provides greater data protection. The system works smoothly, checking the documents shown on the camera for authenticity.

The main conditions for the successful video verifications

· good lighting

· picture quality

· no extra noise, the employee must see and hear you well

· your call must not be interrupted

· your document must be readable

The advantage of video identification is that it’s easier for the users themselves. Verifying your face will make the process of accessing applications and government services fast and secure. Fraudsters will not be able to get to the funds or personal data in your account. The flexibility of the recognition system will prevent unauthorized interference even before it begins. If a person had intentions to cheat, they will have to show themselves and confirm their identity. This reduces the likelihood of attempted money laundering or illegal financial transactions automatically.

If you want to change the bank, open a new card or use other government services, you will not need to change your plans and go to the company's office. There will be no queues either because everything is accessible via a mobile phone or tablet.